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Woman shares her simple steps to slashing electric bill in half: 'It's awesome'

Her electric bill went from $140 one month to roughly $60 the next month.

"Now my bill is $144 vs $583.”

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok user has revealed a simple hack for saving tons of money on your electric bill every month.

The scoop

TikToker Lesley Ann (@lesleyannthecarnivore) showed off her best tips for saving a ridiculous amount of money on her electric bill.

@lesleyannthecarnivore Lowering my electric bill from $140 to $60 so I have more money to spend on others! #LOVETHYNEIGHBOR #SMARTSAVING #CARNIVORELIFESTYLE #ELITE ♬ original sound - lesleyannthecarnivore

"Always unplug everything before you leave," Lesley Ann advises in the video. "If you can't unplug it, then turn off the breaker. I've found that hot water heaters only need to be heated one time."

Perhaps the most difficult facet of her hack involves light bulbs, which are so often out of convenient reach for many people.  

"I also unscrew every light bulb except for one unless I'm doing my makeup," she says. 

How it's helping

Even when they're not in use, many electronic devices and appliances use slight amounts of energy as long as they're plugged into a socket. These appliances, including TVs and coffee makers, have been dubbed "energy vampires" as they suck money away from residents as they use energy. 

Collectively, these idle objects use a disturbing amount of energy. According to a 2015 study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, energy vampires in the U.S. alone suck up the equivalent of 50 large power plants' worth of energy each year, and savings from cutting them off could equal the amount that residents in the entire states of Arizona and Alabama use in one year. 

Other energy vampires include gaming consoles, microwaves, and surround sound systems. 

In the video, Lesley Ann shows that her electric bill went from $140 one month to roughly $60 the next month, which means she used less than half of the previous month's electricity. Her kilowatt-hour usage confirms this stat, as it dropped from 697 kWh to just 335 — less than half again.

"I have more money to spend on others," Lesley Ann shared in the video's caption. 

According to that same NRDC study, if everyone in the U.S. unplugged their energy vampires, we could collectively prevent almost 50 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution from being released into the atmosphere every year and save $19 billion.

Another influencer suggested only keeping your Wi-Fi, fridge, freezer, and — if you have one — video surveillance system plugged in. Everything else can be unplugged. 

What everyone's saying

Other TikTokers shared how these types of hacks have helped them save money in the comments.

"I went Straight to my breaker box [and] cut off 8 switches. Now My Bill is $144 vs $583," one commenter wrote.

"I used to flip [the] hot water heater breaker off every morning. Took $60 off my bill. So I switched to an on-demand water heater. It's awesome!" another user said.

"Just turn off the breakers; you might drop to $40," a third user commented.

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