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Homeowner shares simple hack that will save your power bill from 'vampire appliances': 'Doing this has saved me so much'

"That orange light on the plug … that's costing you."

“That orange light on the plug … that’s costing you."

Photo Credit: @dazlincleaning / Instagram

Fortunately for everyone, Colin Robinson is a fictional character. One homeowner, however, has issued a warning about other types of energy vampires that may be lurking in your living spaces, sending your power bills through the roof. 

The fix? Unplug them. 

The scoop

In an Instagram post with more than 1,000 likes, Lindsay (@dazlincleaning) made a list of "vampire appliances" that drain electricity when they aren't in use, including TVs, computers, game consoles, phone chargers, and even induction cooktops. 

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"See that orange light on the plug … that's costing you. Switch it off," Dazlin Cleaning wrote of the cooktop, which she can't unplug. 

She added that her Wi-Fi, the refrigerator and freezer, and her video surveillance system were the only things she always left on.  

How it's helping

With this easy hack, the homeowner said she saved an extra £10-20 ($12-24) on her energy bill each month, noting she was surprised her Sky Stream box could cost her an additional £5 ($6) because it was "constantly scanning." 

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans can spend up to $19 billion on unused energy each year, with inactive devices accounting for almost 23% of electricity usage in one Northern California study. 

While that would be reason enough to unplug these energy-sucking vampires, doing so comes with another benefit — the health of us and our planet. 

The use of dirty energy to create electricity is responsible for more than 40% of energy-related carbon pollution, as reported by the World Nuclear Association

A heat-trapping gas, carbon has been linked to rising global temperatures, negatively impacting air quality and causing long-term concerns about the implications for public health.  

What everyone's saying

Many commenters on the Instagram post were thankful for the information, while others reaffirmed that the hack actually works or offered tips of their own. 

"Doing this has saved me soooo much," one person wrote. 

"We have an armchair and two couches which are electric recliners. They get switched off at night now too!" another said. 

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