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Farm expert shares unexpected source for 'pretty' planters perfect for summer herbs: 'What a cool idea'

"There's no need to waste the tin. It's far too pretty for that."

"There's no need to waste the tin. It's far too pretty for that."

Photo Credit: TikTok

An organic farming company that sells seasonal veggie boxes and other kitchen essentials is suggesting customers repurpose the brand's "pretty" tin containers to grow herbs. 

The results are sure to have gardeners excited to try the money-saving hack — even if they need to reuse containers from another seller. The clip may also inspire viewers to get creative with items lying around their homes. 

The scoop

Riverford Organic Farmers (@riverfordorganicfarmers) posted a short TikTok demonstrating how viewers could use its olive oil tins as herb planters. 

@riverfordorganicfarmers Don't waste your olive oil tins! Repurpose as a herb planter. #herbs #basil #growyourown #repurpose #upcycle #gardening ♬ original sound - Riverford Organic Farmers

"Once you finish your Riverford olive oil, there's no need to waste the tin. It's far too pretty for that," the clip says of the artful green and purple container. 

Before planting the herbs, just use a can opener to remove the top of the tin. In the video, the uploader says they are growing basil because "I just can't get enough of it in the summer," then uses a bottle opener to poke a few holes in the bottom so that water can drain. 

"Top tip for basil: When you want to use some, just take the leaves from the top," the video adds. "Don't take a whole stalk … you'll start to get new growth underneath. So you can keep picking, and it will keep growing." 

How it's helping

Growing your own food is already a great way to save money, improve mental and physical health, and reduce harmful pollution from food transportation. This accessible hack makes getting started even easier, eliminating the need to invest in a brand-new planter. 

It's also a low-energy way to repurpose the tin can. The Aluminum Association notes that the material is "infinitely recyclable," unlike plastic, making the can a better packaging choice. 

However, manufacturing tin cans from recycled material still requires energy, which generates pollution — though at a greatly reduced rate. 

Empty olive oil cans aren't the only containers that can be repurposed. One gardening influencer upcycled her old mopping buckets as flower pots, a creative solution to decluttering her space and supporting vital pollinators like bees and butterflies. 

If you don't have old containers lying around — or maybe gardening isn't your cup of tea — there are other ways to clean up your space, save money, and help the planet. 

GotSneakers will send you a free kit to recycle your shoes, and if they are in good shape, the company will issue you a check. Meanwhile, some clothing brands, including Patagonia and Madewell, offer store credit for old items that they then give a second life.  

What everyone's saying 

Other TikTokers appreciated the tip. 

"What a cool idea," one person wrote. 

"Bonnie tin," another person said, posting a thumbs-up emoji in affirmation.

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