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Homeowner shares simple Swiffer hack to save money on refills: 'It's so much better'

"Such a good thing to do."

"Such a good thing to do."

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Tired of spending money on endless packs of Swiffer pads that just end up in the trash? One simple swap will help both your wallet and your carbon footprint.

The scoop

Sustainable lifestyle influencer Sabrina (@sabrina.sustainable.life) took to TikTok to share her most cost-effective cleaning hack yet: how to make reusable Swiffer pads out of old rags and a basic cleaning solution.

"This cleaning tip will help the environment and save you money," she explains.

@sabrina.sustainable.life How to clean your floors without creating extra waste! #lowwaste #zerowaste #ecofriendly #cleaninghacks #sustainable ♬ original sound - Sabrina

Rather than letting disposable pads make endless dents in your wallet, grab an old T-shirt, towel, or other scrap fabric. Soak the fabric in whatever cleaning solution you use to clean your floor — Sabrina opts for a mix of water, vinegar, and soap — and wrap the fabric around the Swiffer. Secure with an elastic band, and you're ready to mop your floors as you usually would.

When the rag is dirty, just toss it in the laundry and reuse it.

How it's helping

This hassle-free hack eliminates waste by replacing throwaway pads with reusable rags. Not only does it keep unnecessary plastic and paper from piling up in landfills, but it also saves households money in the long run by avoiding the ongoing costs of Swiffer refills.

The cleaning power stays the same. If you'd like to add an eco-friendly bonus to this hack, mix up Sabrina's concoction of vinegar and soap instead of spending money on chemical-laden cleaning solutions. It's a double win for your wallet and the environment.

With a simple swap, Sabrina's Swiffer trick makes it easy to curate a sustainable cleaning routine. Ditch costly, wasteful pads and reduce your environmental footprint with this money-saving, planet-friendly hack.

Replacing Swiffer pads with reusable rags isn't the only way to cut down on household waste. There are effective, safe, and (most importantly) cheap alternatives to many popular cleaning products that can both save money and reduce your plastic usage. For further tips, refer to our guide.

What everyone's saying

The eco-friendly swap has been a hit with the green community, receiving praise across social media for its creativity.

"Genius! Such a good thing to do instead of tossing the Swiffer pads," commented one user. 

Others agreed that the hack is a smart route: "I do this! It's so much better than the pads," and "It's way cheaper too, great idea."

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