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Beauty guru shares great way to avoid wasting unwanted foundation: 'Perfect for the days you're doing your grocery runs'

"You are the best."

"You are the best."

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The next time you buy a foundation that doesn't work well with your complexion, think twice before tossing it into the trash.

Beauty guru Taylor Efford (@taylorefford) shared an easy hack for repurposing unwanted foundations.

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The scoop

Instead of wasting a foundation you don't like, consider repurposing the makeup into a moisturizer.Β 

Efford recommends mixing a bit of the foundation with your daytime moisturizer to create a tinted look with minimal coverage.

It's important to note that you should avoid mixing your foundation with sunscreen. Since sunscreen has a complex formula designed to protect your skin from UV rays, adding foundation to it can prevent the sunscreen from fully protecting your skin. 

"I suggest you turn it into a tinted moisturizer," Efford says. "Sheer it out with the moisturizer. It's perfect for the days you're doing your grocery runs and you don't want to waste your good stuff. That means you don't have to keep using the [foundations] you do like and can save those for special occasions."Β 

How it's helping

Efford's beauty hack is helping consumers save money by teaching them how to use unwanted makeup. Instead of purchasing a new foundation, she explains how TikTokers can repurpose their foundation and mix it with other beauty products. 

By recycling your makeup products with this simple beauty hack, you're generating less waste and reducing your total carbon impact. Each time you recycle an item, you prevent that item from rotting in a landfill, where it releases harmful gases. Thus, the more you repurpose your beauty products, the more you prevent planet-warming pollution from entering the atmosphere.Β 

You can also repurpose and recycle other products, including clothing items and shoes. To reduce unnecessary waste, send your unwanted products to organizations dedicated to recycling, such as For Days, thredUP, and Got Sneakers. Learn more about your options in the TCD Guide.

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What everyone's saying

TikTokers were grateful to learn how to repurpose their foundation and were excited to try the hack.

"Good to know that it would lessen sunscreen's power!" commented one user. 

"I remembered this video today and tried this and now I literally have a new [favorite] base routine because of you!" responded another TikToker.

"YOU are the best," commented one user. "Thank you soooooo much."

"I am obsessed with you and this series," wrote another user.

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