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Celebrity makeup artist reveals her top money-saving beauty hacks

These tips will make you glow *and* spare your wallet.

Celebrity makeup artist money-saving beauty hacks

Katey Denno is a celebrity makeup artist dedicated to detoxifying the beauty industry with clean beauty products that are safer for clients to wear and better for the planet. Here are five of Denno's money-saving beauty hacks that can help save time on applying makeup and cash using only a few products for a full-face look. 

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Use concealer like a foundation

Concealer is usually thicker, more pigmented, and less expensive than foundation. Using concealer all over your face like you would a foundation can provide a full-coverage look with only one product. Katey used the Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer, a clean, skincare-based concealer that comes in 28 shades and won't irritate your skin.

Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer


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Brightening Concealer

Use bronzer as eyeshadow

Using the same bronzer for your face on your eyes can add natural-looking depth to the face. Katey uses Kosas' The Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer, a buildable, talc-free bronzer that comes in three shades and is suitable for all skin types.

Kosas The Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer


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Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer

Use lipstick as a cream blush

This hack is not only perfect for quick makeup application with only a single product, but also creates a more natural look with a cohesive color palette. The MOB Beauty Cream Lipstick that Denno uses is clean, creamy, and vegan and comes in an infinitely-reusable $5 capsule made with post-consumer recycled materials. Kiss packaging waste and nasty ingredients goodbye. You can also build onto your blush with a lip and cheek cream – a multi-tasking lipstick and blush hybrid. This Tower 28 tinted balm is buildable and safe for cheeks and lips without harsh chemicals.

MOB Beauty Cream Lipstick Refill


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Cream Lipstick Refill

Set your cream blush with a powder blush

Topping off your cream blush with a powder blush will lock in those rosy cheeks for a longer-lasting blush application that won't smudge, melt, or crease. The blush that Katey uses has a luminous finish, is talc-free, and is also refillable to minimize waste. The refills come in curbside-recyclable pans, and the compact can be recycled at any PACT cosmetic recycling bin.

RMS Beauty ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush


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ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush

Use body lotion or face moisturizer to smooth out frizzies.

You can't leave out your hair – the frame of the face. Katey's hack to tame your mane with your body lotion will also add a nice fragrance to your lochs. She uses Pangea Organics Body Lotion, a clean lotion packaged in an easily recyclable (or reusable) aluminum bottle.

Pangea Organics Body Lotion


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Whether you want to consolidate your beauty product arsenal or save money on clean beauty, Denno has the best money-saving beauty hacks and product recs for you.

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