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Parents reveal the best 'indestructible' water bottle that will survive 'getting thrown around' by your kids at school

"I have no idea what day-to-day situation you could be in to break this."

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One Redditor recently got tired of buying new water bottles for their child — so they turned to the r/BuyItForLife subreddit for help.

The r/BuyItForLife community helps users find durable products that are meant to last a long time — ideally, ones that will last for a lifetime. Some users recommend their favorite brands and styles of products, while others come to request suggestions when they need to make a purchase. Past favorites have included metal safety razors, vintage kitchen appliances, and long-lasting colored pencils.

Indestructible Water Bottle
by u/goblinqueen487 in BuyItForLife

This user asked for recommendations and set their budget at £50 (about $60).

"I am looking at buying a water bottle that will survive being thrown around by people at my child's school," they wrote. "Don't mind if it's going to be a bit dented, scratched, etc. I just want it to still be usable and not have to buy a new bottle every six months." 

Drinking water is a healthy choice for kids and adults alike, but disposable water bottles create unnecessary plastic waste and cost more in the long run than a refillable one. A refillable bottle that will last for years is good for the buyer's wallet, their health, and the world.

In the comments, users suggested several brands, including Nalgene, Hydro Flask, and Klean Kanteen. 

One commenter said, "I've found that this Yeti is damn near indestructible. I have no idea what [day-to-day] situation you could be in to break this." 

Another agreed, "My [9-year-old] has a Yeti; no issues while taking it to school for [two] years now. Definitely check them out!"

The original poster later edited their post to add, "You have all been so helpful and I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate it. My child has decided to go with the Yeti, so fingers crossed this one survives."

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