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Redditor shares astonishing photo of their years-old metal razor: 'Still in pristine condition'

"I have one that's literally from the 1920s."

Metal safety razor

Photo Credit: u/Winnipork / Reddit

One Redditor has been using the same razor for years — and recommends it to everyone.

Their recent post is popular on r/BuyItForLife, a subreddit dedicated to durable, high-quality items meant to last. This is a sharp contrast to many modern products which are designed for "planned obsolescence" — meaning they are designed to break, wear out, or be replaced with a newer model within a short span of time. 

r/BuyItForLife users help each other avoid this problem by sharing products with long lifespans. While some picks look low-tech compared to mainstream brands, they are often just as good or arguably better.

In this case, the OP shares a photo of a Merkur brand safety razor. "Metal razor with reusable steel blades. 6 years and running," the OP says. "Paid $10 with 2 packets of blades. Razor as good as new. One blade lasts for 4-6 months with one shave every 3 days."

Buying long-lasting products like those found on r/BuyItForLife is a smart choice for saving money. Even items that cost more upfront can still be a good investment because they save buyers from purchasing replacements that add up over time. And in many cases, the item isn't actually more expensive than the mainstream brand — just slightly different in appearance or harder to find.

In addition to being the frugal choice, long-lasting products are good for the environment. Disposable or short-lived items like plastic razors often pile up in landfills, while companies harvest more and more oil to make replacements. A shift toward durable products would mean less raw materials needed, less energy spent on manufacturing, and less garbage.

Several commenters joined in with OP to praise Merkur and similar razor brands. 

"My Merkur is almost 20yo and is still in pristine condition," says one

Another says, "I have one that's literally from the 1920s that I use. These things don't die if you take care of them." 

Several others mentioned straight razors, which another r/BuyItForLife user also endorsed two years ago.

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