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Minimalist parent shares the super-long-lasting pencil set they bought for their kids: 'Four years and counting'

"Super durable and can write on most surfaces."

Stabilo colored pencils

Photo Credit: u/mcattani /Reddit

Disposable diapers. Wet wipes. Plastic snack wraps. Raising kids in the modern world often results in a lot of refuse, whether we like it or not. 

Kids rely on us to stay clean, healthy, and nourished. Avoiding single-use or plastic items often means more preparation or costlier products.

The good news is that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Parents can choose eco-friendly products that last without breaking the bank. Just ask one Redditor who found a great option for their toddlers.


Reddit community r/BuyItForLife is out to help you choose great products. This subreddit was created in 2011 and has a staggering 1.4 million members.

The community mission statement reads, "This Reddit is created to showcase high quality, durable, and practical products that can be bought once and used for life."

The #BuyItForLife movement aims to reduce waste by choosing durable, long-lasting versions of the items you (and your kids) need. Community members share when they've found great things that last to help others make informed buying decisions.

This Redditor found a pencil set from Stablio for their toddlers. These robust pencils aren't like the rest. The Stablio woody 3-in-1 is a combination of colored pencil, wax crayon, and watercolor all in one. They're available in 24 colors and work on a variety of materials and surfaces. 

And the best part? They last a long time. The Redditor claims their kids have already been using the pencils for four years. 

"Four years and counting," their post reads. "Super durable and can write on most surfaces."

Modern heirlooms

It's no accident that Stablio is being touted for its #BuyItForLife pencils. The company takes sustainability seriously.

"Sustainability is always a key issue for us," the brand's website says. "This includes the raw materials we use, production and transport, and even how we source our electricity."

Established in 1855, this German company uses certified wood for 100% of its pencils, its inks are 97.5% water-based (that's great news for kiddos, too!), and its ISO certifications cover 12 of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

In a world with so many single-use options, isn't it nice to choose to #BuyItForLife and have great items your kids can use for years to come? Stablio pencils can be passed from an older sibling to a younger one, or even to the next generation.

Check out Stablio on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest for some fun project ideas for breaking in a new pencil set with the kids.

Or go ahead and color something yourself while they're down for a nap. Your secret is safe with us.

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