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Proud homeowner shares photo of rare sight in garbage can: 'To do what you've done is so difficult'

"I can't imagine the smell …"

“I can’t imagine the smell ..."

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In May, one homeowner on Reddit posted a photo of an incredible achievement in an unlikely location: their trash can.

The original poster is a member of r/Anticonsumption, a subreddit dedicated to minimizing waste and buying less. The group's approach saves people money, can make life simpler in many ways, and also helps protect the planet from the harmful effects of pollution and extracting unnecessary amounts of resources.

Judging by this Redditor's photo, their entire family was living up to the anticonsumption philosophy. The picture showed the household's large garbage bin — with only one lonely white trash bag full of garbage at the bottom.

Photo Credit: u/Wirthier_ / Reddit

"For a household of three to only produce one bag of trash for the week feels good," they said. "Wish it could be zero."

Minimizing waste doesn't just mean using all of the products in every package, although it's a start. It also means carefully selecting quality items that will last for years, instead of using single-use and disposable options that have to be replaced regularly. It means coming up with replacements for common household items like paper towels and buying products that come with minimal packaging.

"How do you handle food?" asked one skeptical commenter. "I can't imagine the smell if you cook on day one of the week."

"Compost," the original poster replied. "And we just have a lid on the trash that is behind a closed door. My pregnant wife doesn't complain about any smell, so I guess we are doing something right."

Other Redditors were more enthusiastic about the achievement. "Zero is next to impossible in our world right now, so one bag is incredible!" said one user. "Great job!"

"To do what you've done is so difficult in the states," said another Redditor. "It is very commendable."

Another user thought about possible ways to save money by minimizing waste. "I've always thought there should be an option for 'less trashy' households to have less frequent pick up at a lower rate," they said. "Probably not going to happen, but seems practical."

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