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Homeowner shares 'game-changer' method for saving money on your next grocery bill: 'It seriously helps'

"Totally going to start doing this."

"Totally going to start doing this."

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Food waste is a huge problem, both for our wallets and the planet. But Instagram's Compost Coach has a simple fridge hack that makes it easy to use fruits and veggies before they rot.

The scoop

Kate the Compost Coach (@compostable.kate) recently took to Instagram to share her game-changing trick for using up sad-looking veggies, herbs, and other produce before they spoil.

"If you're anything like me and you occasionally find bunches of really daggy old herbs in the back of the fridge or other uneaten fruit and vegetables, here's a tip that will be a game-changer for you," Kate explains.

Put ripe fruit, cut vegetables, or anything that's been nibbled on in a designated "use first" drawer in your fridge. The drawer will serve as an in-your-face reminder to use what's inside.

"It seriously helps eliminate food waste," says Kate. The fuss-free hack "inspires what meal to prepare next and really encourages you to eat all your produce."

There's no need to prep ingredients in containers or hide herbs under cloths. Just plop produce in the designated spot for easy visibility and reminders.

How it's helping

Kate's produce-saving idea tackles the persistent issue of food waste.

Nearly 40% of the entire U.S. food supply ends up in landfills, according to Recycle Track Systems. Americans discard 120 million pounds of food annually, worth $218 billion in total — the most of any country in the world.

Limiting your landfill contributions limits the amount of toxic gases released into our atmosphere, which triggers rising global temperatures and extreme weather events while making the air more difficult to breathe, especially for people with compromised respiratory systems.

Using what's already in your fridge also saves grocery money and reduces the resources that go into growing, transporting, and disposing of unused food.

Plus, planning meals around ingredients that need eating ASAP gets your creative juices flowing in the kitchen. It's a win-win-win for you, your wallet, and the planet.

What everyone's saying

Kate's fridge hack has earned rave reviews across social media for its simplicity and effectiveness at cutting waste.

"This is brilliant! Totally going to start doing this," gushed one Instagrammer.

"Gosh - such a simple solution!" said another, who admits they felt "a tad clueless" for not thinking of it themselves.

The verdict? Kate's hack is a "great idea" that more people should try. Between the cost savings, planet benefits, and easier meal prep, this might just be the ultimate fridge hack.

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