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Instagrammer shares how their tiny 'kitchen composter' makes food waste disappear: 'Everyone needs one'

"Still can't believe how much food waste I was adding to the landfill before."

Lomi Kitchen composter'

One of the easiest ways to help keep some of the 1.4 billion tons of food waste that humans produce globally out of landfills is to keep a compost bin in your kitchen or yard.

By throwing organic waste like fruit scraps and eggshells into a separate container, the natural materials can begin to break down on their own and eventually become gardening gold that can fertilize your soil and leave your plants and garden looking lush.

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Traditional compost bins can create some annoying problems in your house. The natural composting process can spawn some unpleasant smells as organic material breaks down, especially if you don't clean your container frequently. 

Fortunately, Lomi has the answer to all your composting prayers. The company behind Pela biodegradable phone cases has developed a product that streamlines the composting process with the push of a button.

This sleek new kitchen appliance almost looks like a crock pot or a humidifier, but it's actually a receptacle that stores your biodegradable kitchen waste and converts it into compost soil you can feed to your plants. The company claims that the Lomi can take up to 80% of your waste and reduce its volume by 80% — for example, five cups of waste can be blended down to just one cup of soil.

According to the company's website, the Lomi can take fruit, vegetables, yard waste, animal products, grains, and select packaging in its composting process. The product page describes it as "the odor free, mess free solution to keeping your food waste out of landfills." 

Since the product is so small, it greatly reduces the amount of space you need to start your own composting project — it's small enough to fit in a small cupboard in an apartment, so you don't need any yard space.

Instagram users are thrilled with Lomi. 

"Everyone needs one!," commented one user. 

"LOVE my Lomi!" said another. "I run mine every night. Still can't believe how much food waste I was adding to the landfill before Lomi." 

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