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Wedding guest sparks debate with photo of meatless reception dinner option: 'I jumped on it immediately'

"One time I went to a wedding and the only vegan option was literally some raw carrots."

Wedding food

Any vegan or vegetarian knows that attending weddings can be a bit dicey when it comes to food options. But one Reddit user recently received a pleasant surprise.

"I went to a wedding this past weekend and was pretty pleased to be offered, among the chicken and the fish and the beef, a tofu option," user kennedyBeach posted to the r/vegetarian subreddit. "I jumped on it immediately. It was delicious, it sparked conversation at the table, and it shows me that the number of people choosing healthier options is growing."

Simply eating a more plant-forward diet is one of the healthiest personal choices that you can make for yourself and for the planet — and you don't need to go fully vegan or vegetarian to reap the benefits. 

A plant-based diet can reduce the risk of many types of diseases and lead to a longer life. And cutting down on the need for animal agriculture has serious and wide-ranging environmental benefits.

In addition, going plant-based or more plant-forward can save you tons of money. A recent study showed that going plant-based can reduce the amount of money you spend on groceries by 40%. That should be welcome news to wedding caterers and home chefs alike. 

Many of the commenters on the Reddit post were also impressed, and many shared their stories of less impressive meat-free options that they had been presented with in the past.

"That looks great," wrote Pure-Kaleidoscop. "One time I went to a wedding and the only vegan option was literally some raw carrots."

However, not all the stories were bad. Another user, SpookyGoulash, shared, "Recently went to a smallish wedding (75ish guests) and I was the only guest who ordered the vegan option. It was a vegetable korma and when they brought it to my table, everyone was super jealous because it looked and smelled so good."

If wedding catering is finally diversifying, that's good news for everyone.

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