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Shopper reveals how they snagged one of the most iconic shoes of all time for just $30: [They're] always on my list'

"They are beautiful."

Vintage Doc Martens

Photo Credit: u/cyberg20 / Reddit

Most of us can relate to the joy of scoring a fabulous deal on an item we absolutely adore. Whether we can easily admit it or not, there's nothing quite like that dopamine rush.

Imagine the rush of finding a dream pair of gently used, new-to-you shoes for $30, while they retail for a whopping $245. This is exactly what one lucky Reddit thrifter joyfully experienced.

In their post to the /ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, which is "dedicated to sharing your thrift finds," the Redditor exclaims, "One of my best finds! Brand new Doc Martens, retail for 230 euro[s] and grabbed them for 25!"

Thrifting, or shopping for previously loved goods, is a fun, easy way to add unique gems to your wardrobe while saving some serious coin. Not only that, but it also saves precious resources, reduces pollution and harmful environmental impacts produced by apparel manufacturing processes, and lowers the amount of landfill space needed when we're through with items.

In fact, the world's footwear industry creates nearly 1.5% of all planet-warming gases, which translates to about 30 pounds of carbon air pollution per pair of sneakers. On top of that, it can take many years for the synthetic materials of shoes to break down and decompose, and they release toxic chemicals that aren't healthy for humans or wildlife.

And as if this weren't enough, of the 300 million pairs of shoes produced by the U.S. each year, 95% end up in landfills. Thankfully, thrifting is an ideal alternative that minimizes these effects.

Commenters were super stoked about the Dr. Martens find, too. 

One says, "Oxblood red docs are always on my list when treasure hunting!" 

Another comments, "They are beautiful and amazing that they fit," while a third Reddit user shares, "Wow, I wonder why they ended up there. Good find!"

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