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Amazon shopper frustrated by common problem with package delivery: 'They've done this to me so many times'

"It just baffles me."

"It just baffles me."

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Redditors were shocked by a photo showing an oversized cardboard box used to ship a tiny Amazon product. 

The beauty product takes up only a tiny fraction of the box, sparking Redditors to wonder why Amazon would waste a large box on such a small item.

"It just baffles me."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"They've done this to me so many times," responded one Redditor. "It just baffles me. Walmart does the same thing."

Overpackaging contributes to the overheating of our planet by increasing online delivery transports and exacerbating our waste crisis. When transport boxes are larger in size, fewer shipments fit on a single truck, resulting in additional trips. 

The excess use of cardboard packaging also adds to the world's waste crisis, as a significant amount of cardboard does not get recycled. In 2018, 17.2 million tons of cardboard and paper waste ended up in landfills. 

Other Redditors explained how the use of large cardboard boxes reduces Amazon's carbon footprint to some extent. 

"Hey at least it is not that massive plastic padded envelope that will be around until the end of times," commented another user.

Each year, more than 430 million tons of plastic are produced globally, according to a report by the United Nations Foundation. Of the total plastic production, two-thirds of it ends up as waste after a single use.

Compared to plastic, cardboard packaging is more sustainable because it's biodegradable and easily reusable

"I prefer getting bigger boxes. So much reuse out of them," shared one Redditor. "I use them to store stuff, I use them to keep groceries from moving around my trunk. I use them for my cats. I cut them into strips and tie them together for a corrugated scratcher for my cats. I make bird toys."

After seeing the Amazon photo, many Redditors encouraged users to shop locally as an environmentally friendly alternative to ordering from Amazon. 

"No matter how they package it, ordering one thing online on Amazon isn't a great environmental choice," wrote a Redditor.

"Why not just go to your local pharmacy to get something like that?" asked another user. 

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