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Professional cleaner issues PSA about common cleaning method: '[It's] just smearing the dirt around'

"Like a layer of dirt paint."

"Like a layer of dirt paint."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If you've been relying solely on Swiffer to keep your floors clean, you might want to think again. One professional cleaner's viral TikTok revealed the dirty truth behind this popular cleaning product.

The scoop

In her eye-opening video, Mrs. Messy (@mrsmessytiktok) showcased a client's laminate floor that had been cleaned exclusively with Swiffer for the previous six months. Despite regular use, the floor was covered in residue and dirt buildup.

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Mrs. Messy spent hours cleaning and scrubbing the floor using a mixture of water and white vinegar, but the stubborn grime persisted.

"Swiffer is good for, like, a quick clean up, but it doesn't replace mopping," she explained in the video. "You still have to mop your floors if you want them to be clean."

How it's helping

While Swiffer might seem like a convenient and time-saving solution, it's not doing your floors — or your wallet — any favors in the long run. By investing a bit more effort in a proper mopping routine, you can save the money you may have needed to spend on replacement flooring and keep harmful chemicals out of your home.

White vinegar is an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to harsh cleaning products. Not only does it effectively cut through grime, but it's also safer for your family and pets. Plus, by using reusable mop heads instead of disposable Swiffer pads, you'll reduce waste and save money over time.

Your home is likely filled with natural alternatives to disposable, chemical-laden cleaning products that work twice as well if not better. From using a lemon to clean your kitchen sink to rewhitening sheets with baking soda, helping both your home and the planet just takes a little creativity. To get started, consult our natural cleaning guide.

What everyone's saying

Mrs. Messy's video sparked a lively discussion among TikTok users. Many shared their own experiences and opinions on the matter.

"Swifter is just smearing the dirt around, thinning it out like a layer of dirt paint," one commenter observed.

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Another user swore by their steam mop but cautioned, "As long as you're drying the floor shortly after, you should be fine."

Not everyone is a fan of steam cleaning, however. Mrs. Messy herself discovered that using a steamer on floors can actually ruin them.

One tragic story highlighted the potential dangers of Swiffer: "Our cat died from liver failure after licking his paws because they got wet walking across the floor when I used Swiffer. Don't use it."

The bottom line? While quick fixes such as Swiffer might seem appealing, there's no substitute for good old-fashioned elbow grease when it comes to keeping your floors truly clean. By embracing more natural, sustainable cleaning methods, you can create a healthier home for yourself and the planet.

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