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Lucky thrifter stunned after finding Pottery Barn decor selling for 90% off its tag price: 'That will last you forever'

"Now that's a real score."

Pottery Barn decor

Photo Credit: u/prettyedge411/ Reddit

A lucky Reddit user has shared a major deal they scored on a Pottery Barn hamper, nabbing the product for just 10% of its usual price.

In a popular post on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user shared a photo of their hamper, which they bought from a Goodwill thrift shop. The user said that they purchased the laundry hamper for just $14.99, and that the usual price for the product is $149 — though it's sometimes listed as high as $229 on the company's website.

The hamper looks brand new, with no discernable scuffs or defects on the outside.

By buying from — and donating to — thrift stores and secondhand retailers, you help keep perfectly usable products in the circular economy. When lightly used goods find new homes, they stay out of landfills and avoid contributing to the dangerous overheating of our planet. Since Americans produce about 300 million tons of trash per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it's vital that we reuse and rehome usable goods as much as we can in order to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

r/ThriftStoreHauls is a popular online gathering space where users come together to share their proudest deals from secondhand stores. Other posts share massive deals on everything from kitchenware to footwear to furniture, all at a fraction of their original price.

Other Reddit users expressed their excitement for the hamper deal in the comments section of the original post. 

"Now that's a real score 👍," one user wrote

"Imagine paying $150 for a hamper and then getting rid of it while it still looks new. They must have upgraded to one of those extra-fancy hampers that does the laundry for you," another user commented.

"That's an awesome find! That will last you forever!" a third user said

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