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Homeowner stuns with striking before-and-after photos of one-day lawn transformation: 'This is so inspiring'

"I know [your] back was hurting."

"I know your back was hurting."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Rome wasn't built in a day, but an ambitious homeowner apparently didn't get the memo. 

A Redditor shared their yard's stunning "one-day transformation" in the subreddit r/NoLawns, and the final product didn't disappoint. 

The before photo is a study in gray, lacking any meaningful greenery. Gravel fills a large open area on one side of a walkway, with a tiny patch of unruly grass peeking out on the other side. 

The after photo shows the previously dead-looking gravel bed filled with bright flowers, luscious vines, and water-retaining mulch

"I know your back was hurting."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"These are all pollinator-friendly plants with small watering cups for the bees," the OP wrote. "I've since put in bulbs and will be sowing wildflowers next summer. It's fully irrigated and mulched." 

"I know [your] back was hurting," one commenter said. "Beautiful work!!!!" 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "One out of every three bites of our food" is thanks to pollinators, including the popular morning pick-me-up of coffee. 

Fruits, vegetables, and spices are among the other essentials that need the creatures, whose "ecological service is valued at $200 billion each year."

Concerningly, human activities have contributed to their decline. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pointed out that native plants have been removed in favor of roads, non-native gardens, grass lawns, and crops. Some migrating pollinators are too weak to find suitable, life-supporting resting spots as the distance between habitats increases.

It's unclear which elements in the OP's new lawn are native, but there's no question that their efforts won't go unnoticed by pollinators.

Thankfully, rewilding your yard doesn't have to take place in one day, and the journey doesn't have to be a backbreaking effort, with clover to drought-resistant plants among the native options that can save homeowners time and money on both lawn care and water bills. 

Pollinators will be grateful, too, since native gardens don't need as many toxic pesticides as grass lawns. 

"This is so inspiring, thank you for sharing!" one Redditor wrote. "This is a great reminder that with some planning and determination, I really could get it all planted if I put my mind to it." 

"Wow this is sooo beautiful!!! I love it!" another person said

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