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Thrifty shopper shares how they scored an outrageous deal on a pair of trendy pink cowgirl boots: 'You are so lucky'

"No holes/gashes and real leather?"

Thrifted Pink cowgirl boot

Photo Credit: u/Pinkpurplegreentea / Reddit

A pair of vintage leather cowgirl boots for $10? Yes, you read that right. 

This lucky shopper scored an incredible find at her local thrift store, sharing the pictures on the popular Reddit forum r/ThriftStoreHauls.

Pink cowgirl boot
Photo Credit: u/Pinkpurplegreentea / Reddit

The subreddit, which encourages users to share their finds of the day, has become hugely popular among people conscious of their environmental impact when shopping.

Shopping secondhand is an easy way to help reduce the number of resources you use, especially in today's world of fast fashion

Currently, the Earth's resources are being used to produce clothes and shoes at a rate that is faster than they are being replenished, and the industry is also using up mass amounts of water and energy in its production processes.

Leather shoes, like these pink cowgirl boots, are particularly harmful as they rely on the rearing of cattle, which contributes an estimated 14.5% of the polluting gases that damage our environment every year. 

Plus, as this user has shown, you can grab some pretty incredible items that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill. 

Besides these trendy pink cowgirl boots, dubbed the "perfect boots," other thrifters have recently shared finds such as a vintage Ralph Lauren wool coat as well as a Mongolian sheep jacket worth around $1,700.

Saving these items from landfill sites is not only good for these users' closets, but it also protects the environment from the sheer scale of fashion consumption. According to Circular, 23 billion pairs of shoes are made every year, and 22 billion are thrown into landfill. 

Caring for our shoes, repairing them, and shopping secondhand are easy steps to help reduce the number of amazing items that end up as waste.

"No holes/gashes and real leather for $10?!!" one user noted

Others added how lucky the thrifter was. 

"You are so lucky!" another wrote. "I have been searching for a muted teal or celadon accented pair."

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