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Thrifter snags $1,700 Mongolian sheep jacket for an absurdly low price: '[This was] absolutely my white whale'

"I seriously would have body-checked everyone out of the way."

Mongolian sheep jacket, secondhand products

Photo Credit: u/Firsttimeredditor28 / Reddit

A Redditor shared photos of a recent thrift store haul that brought big savings and scores of praise.

"My thrift store NEVER prices this well," the Redditor captioned their images. "My best day," they wrote, noting they paid $19.99 for a Mongolian sheep jacket and $9.99 for a vintage Coach handbag.

My thrift store NEVER prices this well. My best day. 19.99 Mongolian sheep jacket & 9.99 vintage coach bag 🤗
by u/Firsttimeredditor28 in ThriftStoreHauls

Not only are the scores stylish, but they bring big savings and big benefits. A new jacket similar to the one the Redditor bought can cost $1,700 or more. Add a vintage Coach handbag, and that could run you another $300 or more. 

But buying secondhand products like these is also a great way to reduce your environmental and ethical footprint. Sheep and cows are two of the biggest producers of planet-heating gases like methane

Livestock are also big consumers of resources, including land, water, grass, and grains. They take up a whopping 80% of farmland but account for only 20% of the calories we eat. Raising livestock is also linked to global deforestation, including the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Plus, shopping secondhand keeps used clothing and accessories out of landfills, which are big emitters of plant-heating gases.

"That jacket is my absolute white whale! I am so happy for you," wrote one Redditor. 

"Wow! I seriously would have [body-checked] everyone out of the way," wrote another user. "Absolute diamond of a jacket."

Another Redditor offered a tip on how to tell if the jacket is made from real sheep wool or if it's fake. 

"I love the jacket," they noted. "If you're not sure if it's real or not, cut a very tiny bit of fur from an inconspicuous spot, and burn it. If it's a hard ball, it's fake. If it's soft ash, it's real."

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