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Thrifter reveals how they snagged a 'timeless' vintage Ralph Lauren wool coat that usually sells for over $1,000: 'It was made for you'

"It was made for you."

Timeless Ralph Lauren coat

Photo Credit: u/giirlfriendmaterial / Reddit

In a series of bathroom mirror selfies, an excited Redditor shows off the new-to-them vintage Ralph Lauren coat that they scored at a thrift store.

"Vintage Ralph Lauren wool coat found at my local thrift," the Redditor captions the photos shared to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit.

Vintage Ralph Lauren wool coat found at my local thrift
by u/giirlfriendmaterial in ThriftStoreHauls

Secondhand stores are often full of classic clothing scores like this Ralph Lauren coat, and shopping for outerwear via the resale market can offer you big savings. In this case, a similar new Ralph Lauren wool coat purchased at name-brand retailers can run from around $200 on the low end and more than $1,000 in many places. 

While the Redditor didn't share what they paid for their coat, finding something like this at a thrift store will typically cost a mere fraction of the full retail price.

Plus, shopping secondhand helps to reduce the amount of new clothing being made and reduce the amount of older clothing sent to landfills. Avoiding both of those has some big wins for the planet.

According to one study, the fashion industry produces 8% of all global carbon pollution and 20% of all global wastewater. And Earth.org reports that the average U.S. consumer throws away more than 80 pounds of clothing every year — that's more than 11 million tons of textile waste, some of which is in great shape, just like the Redditor's new coat.

In fact, the plaid Ralph Lauren item looks to be in great shape — so much so that Redditors shared their excitement over it.

"Love the whole look," writes another Redditor. "Coat is super cute how you styled it and love the bag."

"Classic Ralph Lauren.. timeless.. and it looks GREAT on you," writes another Redditor.

"It was made for you," shares another user.

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