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Mom shares hack to curb bizarre pregnancy cravings and reduce waste: 'Absolutely unhinged!'

Users were impressed, but also a bit unsettled.

Users were impressed, but also a bit unsettled.

Photo Credit: @tiny_waste / TikTok

Anyone who has ever been pregnant, or met a pregnant individual, has some story of a weird pregnancy craving. TikTok user @tiny_waste is showing how to curb those cravings — and reduce food waste in the process. 

The scoop

The user shared a video of their hack with her followers, noting that they shouldn't throw out the pickle juice after they finish a jar. 

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Instead, she recommends putting the entire jar of pickle juice in the freezer. "That's it… that's the whole thing. Now you have a jar of frozen pickle juice that you can eat like a pint of ice cream," she shares in the video

How it's helping

These pickle-sicles aren't just a fun, creative way to use up leftover juice; they're also a way to reduce food and plastic waste. Many people don't think twice about draining the leftover brine down their sink and tossing the jar in the recycling bin. But in reality, this is just a waste of the energy and resources needed to make that product.

If you're eating pickles with grape leaves and garlic inside of it, tossing your leftover brine down the sink or into the trash also contributes to planet-warming methane gas in landfills. Plus, who wouldn't want to eat frozen pickle juice? 

Other social media users have suggested some creative ways to use up commonly discarded products in the kitchen. One pizza restaurant uses the leftover scraps or "ugly produce" to top their pies. Meanwhile, food media icon Sara Moulton suggested wetting stale baguettes and baking them to give them a second life. 

🗣️ What single change would make the biggest dent in your personal food waste?

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🔘 Freezing my food before it goes bad 🧊

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What everyone's saying

Users were impressed, but also a bit unsettled, by the idea of eating pickle juice like it's ice cream. "Absolutely unhinged! Now I gotta eat a jar of pickles to try this…" One user commented. 

Other users suggested ways to use up the leftover juice from their pickles, besides just drinking the jar. One suggested adding in fresh cucumbers to the brine to make another batch of pickles, while others recommended making pickled hard-boiled eggs with the leftover brine. 

One user even went as far as suggesting mixing pickle juice with lemonade to make a "dilly margarita."

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