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Chef reveals mind-blowing method to easily revive stale bread: 'The most useful tip I've ever gotten from social media'

"You will be so surprised and delighted."

"You will be so surprised and delighted."

Photo Credit: @sarasmoulton / Instagram

If you're like us and hate seeing the rising prices at your grocery store, you'll want to stretch the food you have as much as possible. One Instagram user is showing how folks can extend the life of their stale bread, like a baguette you forgot to serve with dinner last night. 

The scoop

TV food personality Sara Moulton (@saramoulton) shared the video of her forgotten bread hack with her followers. 

Moulton explains that she brings the bread to her sink faucet and coats it with water, noting that the temperature doesn't matter. Wet all sides of the bread well (without soaking), then place it on an oven rack at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake it for about six to eight minutes.

 "You will be so surprised and delighted," she shares. "It's crisp on the outside and moist on the inside." 

How it's helping

It's always frustrating to see bread go stale after such a short time. Coating it in water, but not soaking it, will help restore the moisture that has escaped the starch, ensuring your bread has a fresh-from-the-bakery flavor. 

Another creator shared a similar hack, noting that if the bread is already sliced, you should avoid soaking that end in water. 

If your bread gets stale, you might be inclined to trash it once it's clearly past its prime. Tossing the bread in the trash perpetuates the issue of food waste. When the loaves hit the landfills, they release planet-warming methane gas. Not to mention, tossing your bread has a major impact on your grocery budget. 

Besides resuscitating the bread with Moulton's tips, you can also use stale bread for several yummy creations like bread pudding and croutons. One Instagram creator showed users how to make breadcrumbs from their stale bread, which can be used to coat foods like fried chicken. 

What everyone's saying

Users were impressed by Moulton's hack and planned to use it in their everyday lives. "This might be the most useful tip I've ever gotten from social media," one user shared. 

"This is so helpful — we are notorious for forgetting fresh baguettes that become cinder blocks 24 hours later," another user commented. 

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