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Mom demonstrates clever hacks to put empty parmesan shakers to use: 'This is so brilliant'

"This is awesome."

"This is awesome."

Photo Credit: TikTok

It's always fun to learn a new hack for how to repurpose the things you have at home. One TikToker gave her followers several great tips for using empty parmesan containers creatively. 

The scoop

Sarah Teresinski (@redeux_style) is a creator who focuses on sustainable style tips but also gives followers hacks for upcycling and repurposing household items. 

In one TikTok video, she shows viewers three creative ways to reuse parmesan cheese shakers. The first suggestion she gives is to use them as drink containers for kids. 

@redeux_style 3 Parmesan Container Upcycled Hacks! Parmesan shaker containers are so great for a ton of different things and the lids are universal with a lot of other glass jars! Check it out! #cheese #parmesean #parmesesancheese #kitchenhack #hacksoflife #upcycle #rework #diy #thriftflip #homedecor #upcycling #upcycle #diy #thriftflip #homedecor #upcycles #rework #upcycling #thriftflip #organize #reuse #recycle #secondhandstyle #transform #oldtonew #upcycleddesign #makers #upcyclersoftiktok ♬ original sound - Sarah Teresinski

"Take the label off, clean 'em out, fill it with their favorite beverage, and then you can use a stainless steel straw … in the little holes in the top of the container." 

If you prefer to use your own jar, the lids fit great on mason jars, too. 

Next, Sarah says she uses the larger size of these containers as a snack holder for places like the movies. With the two sides of the lid, these containers give easy access to snacks and are pretty easy to open for little hands. 

The final way you can use parmesan cans at home is for flower arranging. Stems can be placed into the holes at the top, and Sarah says, "The lid kinda keeps everything in place." 

Sarah goes on to give a little bonus tip. 

"Don't forget these lids universally fit a lot of different containers," she says.  

How it's helping

By repurposing these containers for snacks and storage, you can save money on things like Tupperware. If you reuse just a quarter of your storage containers, you can save $25 on new storage every year.  

In addition to being a money-saving tip, this is a great way to help reduce your trash output. The average American creates about five pounds of trash per day, and this has led to overflowing landfills. 

"The US is on pace to run out of room in landfills within 18 years," Global Citizen reported back in 2018, citing data from Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol. 

Some countries, like South Korea, have been able to radically reduce their waste through effective recycling and composting programs. Cutting down on the amount of trash going to our landfills can not only help keep them from filling up but also curb methane pollution. The potent gas is a major contributor to the warming of the planet. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were excited to try out this tip. 

One person wrote, "This is so brilliant!" 

Someone else chimed in with an additional idea, writing, "Because the holes are so large and lids fit other containers they are great for my pet treats, especially chicken seeds and mealworms."

Another person commented, "This is awesome."

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