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DIY wizard shows how she uses a parmesan shaker to create the ultimate homemade kitchen cleaner: 'It's a staple'

For the first step, find a container to store the mixture.

Sink cleaner

Photo Credit: @stephanieboothhome/ Instagram

A popular Instagram Reel shares how one Instagrammer avoids harsh, toxic cleaners — all while keeping their kitchen sink clean and fresh.

The sink cleaner recipe comes from Stephanie Booth (@stephanieboothhome), a blogger who shares cleaning product swaps and related tips. Kitchen sinks are often overlooked for a regularly scheduled cleaning, but Booth's DIY cleaner recipe will help change that with ingredients you may already have at home.

The scoop

For the first step, find a container to store the mixture. Booth recommends repurposing an empty sprinkles or parmesan cheese shaker since the lids provide an easier way to distribute the product.

On an appropriate surface, step two involves filling your container of choice with baking soda. Booth discusses why she chose to use baking soda, saying, "Baking soda makes a great scratch-free scrub. It's a staple in my natural cleaning kit." 

Next, add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix. Booth also mentions that she prefers a citrus essential oil for its anti-microbial properties and "uplifting scent."

When ready to start cleaning, sprinkle your mixture onto the sink area. Then, use a rag or sponge to scrub and work the mixture into the sink. After rinsing the mixture (and maybe repeating the process if it's that dirty), you have a fresh and clean sink.

How it's helping

Many cleaning products and agents are hazardous to the people who use them. Some products are linked to an increase in serious diseases, such as breast cancer.

And the problem spans across products. Studies have shown that potentially carcinogenic chemicals are associated with both conventional cleaning products and those labeled "green" or environmentally friendly. 

Creating a DIY sink cleaner can decrease air polluting outputs and have significant health benefits, all while knowing precisely what's in the mix.

What's everyone saying?

Multiple users in the comments shared their own experiences with the DIY sink cleaner, with one Instagram user saying, "I also sprinkle scented baking soda in the bottom of my dishwasher after unloading. Helps keep away smells since we don't need to run a cycle every day."

"I use the Parmesan container. Great for flour too when baking!! I bake bread, and it's perfect," another user adds.

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