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Shopper captures photo of massive vehicle's head-scratching parking attempt: 'Not even trying to be subtle'

"They're going fully perpendicular now."

"They're going fully perpendicular now."

Photo Credit: iStock

Parking lots have lines for a reason, but that doesn't stop some people from making their own rules.

In a post to the r/f***cars subreddit community, a user shared an image of an oversized Chevrolet taking up not one, not two, but three spots in a shopping plaza parking lot.

"They're going fully perpendicular now," they wrote. "Not even trying to be subtle."

"They're going fully perpendicular now."
Photo Credit: iStock

"This area of the parking lot also gets the busiest during peak business hours too," the OP continued.

Taking up three spots in a busy parking lot is not just a selfish act that can be a headache for other drivers. It also highlights the problem with large SUVs and trucks that may not even fit within the lines. A study in the UK found that 161 car models couldn't fit in the average parking spaces in the country. 

The immense size of these vehicles and the demand for larger vehicles, which has raised the average width of cars every two years, presents complications for cities to build more infrastructure for large vehicles, which takes away vital pedestrian and community spaces.

Large trucks like this Chevrolet also present environmental issues, more so than average vehicles. Pickup trucks and SUVs have worse fuel efficiency than smaller cars.

There is evidence of larger vehicles trending toward more fuel efficiency, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported the four largest vehicles showed record-low pollution in 2022. However, large vehicles still release an immense amount of harmful pollution.

Electric vehicles could help eliminate pollution. A study from the University of Michigan found that the "total tonnage of greenhouse gas emissions [reduces] as the vehicle size increases, due to the greater fuel consumption of larger vehicles." 

Unfortunately, the reliance on large vehicles persists, with an increase in SUV models of electric vehicles matching the share of small and medium cars combined in 2022. The Verge reports that larger electric vehicles also create "more particle pollution from the wear and tear of roads and tires."

Large vehicles present pollution issues and pose a greater risk on the road. Manufacturing of electric vehicles of similar size to SUVs and pickup trucks will maintain these risks and space issues that plague others today.

Unsurprisingly, facts like these have led cities to some positive actions to protect pedestrians and the environment. London implemented an ultra-low emission zone that fines non-compliant gas-powered vehicles, which has led to an estimated reduction in particulate matter pollution of nearly 200 tons. Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon, is instituting a zero-emission delivery zone.

Many users in the subreddit shared their frustration at the truck in the OP's photo taking up three spots, and they added comments with their suggestions to advocate for smaller vehicles.

"Yeah call a tow company. Pretend you're the property manager," responded one user.

Others got more creative. "Time to block them in," wrote one user. "Looks like enough room all around for some [blocking] in with shopping carts!" added another user.

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