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Reddit user scores $380 parka for $12 at their local thrift store: 'I almost couldn't believe it'

"One of my top finds in a while."

Outdoor Research parka

Photo Credit: u/toadnoodle /Reddit

Thrift shopping is super trendy right now, and the finds that thrifters post on Reddit continue to prove why.

In yet another massive thrifting score, one Reddit user posted a picture of an Outdoor Research parka, which they snagged for an incredibly low price, on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit.

"One of my top finds in a while, it's an almost brand new Outdoor Research Coze Down Parka!" they write. "My wife is in love with it! I was able to get it for $12! I almost couldn't believe it!"

The product in question retails for $379 on the Outdoor Research website. That means this lucky Redditor was able to get it for a whopping 97% off. 

Lately, social media users have been sharing all kinds of secondhand finds online — including buying a pair of $300 stainless steel pans for $11 and snagging a $280 backpack for just $20. 

Thrifting is a great way to reduce your personal environmental impact while saving huge amounts of money. If you want to avoid fast-fashion brands (which are major contributors to pollution due to their reliance on polyester) and shop for more sustainably made (and affordable) clothes, thrifting is clearly the way to go.

This Reddit user described getting a $379 coat practically for free as "one of my top finds in a while," which shows how many amazing treasures are out there, waiting to be snatched up.

The commenters in the thread were predictably jealous and impressed.

"Wtfff. That was probably 300 dollars new," writes one commenter, who only undershot the price slightly. "I bet Outdoor Research is one of those brands employees don't know to mark up."

"I had one of those and it's like wearing a sleeping bag in the best way possible," writes another.

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