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Homeowner claims they 'started a war' with their neighbor after participating in No Mow May: 'This guy belongs in a real HOA'

"Seriously, they couldn't wait until June for this event to be over?"

No Mow May

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A Redditor from the Great Lakes area says their neighbor has been harassing them over their choice to participate in No Mow May.

No Mow May is a yearly campaign by Plantlife to support pollinators like bees and butterflies. Mowing a lawn prevents wildflowers from blooming, which deprives pollinators of food at this critical time of year.

Without pollinators, many plants wouldn't be able to make seeds, and many of the crops we rely on for food would stop producing. By making yards more welcoming to pollinators in the spring, No Mow May participants protect the parts of the environment that humans rely on most heavily. Companies like Yardzen can also help create pollinator-friendly landscapes.

Unfortunately, some people who want to participate in No Mow May are under pressure to skip it. However, this is usually due to homeowners' association (HOA) policies — not individual neighbors.

But this Redditor said that they don't live in an HOA, and they still got pushback from a busybody neighbor.

"No Mow May started a war with my neighbor," they said. Apparently, their neighbor's "harassing" remarks ranged from "persistent reminders to aggressive comments."

"Keep in mind, we are NOT part of an HOA," the post said. "We live in a farming community."

According to the original poster, even the smaller properties in the area have around an acre of land. Even though the neighbor has plenty of space of his own, it appears that he feels entitled to control the original poster's property, too.

"Seriously, they couldn't wait until June for this event to be over?!" the Redditor asked. "Now we are considering not mowing at all."

According to the original poster, their neighbor's carelessness toward the environment goes even further. "[I] am also pissed that they spray their lawn with chemicals when we're trying to grow organic vegetables and fruits," they said.

The frustrated Redditor finished by saying, "Honestly, this guy belongs in a real HOA."

One commenter supported the original poster's idea of never mowing again. "I'd let that s*** grow until I couldn't see my neighbor anymore," they joked.

Another user offered a practical approach. "The biggest concerns legally/communally are annoying people unnecessarily and potentially dealing with code enforcement. I'd personally recommend checking those guidelines and not letting the lawn get too tall." They also offered book recommendations and an online No Mow May guide to help.

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