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Gardener shares unbelievable before-and-after images of lawn transformations: 'Looks fantastic'

"All landscapers should learn from you!"

"All landscapers should learn from you!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Redditor has shared the stunning before-and-after photos of transformed native plant lawns. 

"Progress Photos of 6 of our 100% Native Plant Gardens from 2022. All in the Great Lakes region," wrote the gardener who shared the photos. "Overall we planted more than 9,000 native plants. Learned a lot about design and pairing. Happy to answer questions."

"All landscapers should learn from you!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"All landscapers should learn from you!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Redditors were excited to see the results and eager to learn more about the process.

"This is awesome. It's going to get better and better every year as it fills in, spreads out, and has the head-start of being in the ground with established roots from the year before," commented one user. "Great work!!! Happy pollinators!!!"

"Do you not have an HOA? I have a super strict HOA and I feel like they'd fine me for weeds if I tried planting natives. Any tips for the bureaucratic side of planting?" asked another user.

"There have been stories of people successfully standing up to their HOAs and winning but it takes time and money and may not prove successful. I would focus on keeping all plants under 36" high," responded the gardener.

Installing a native plant lawn is a great way to save time and money on lawn maintenance. Compared to a grass lawn, native plant lawns require 50% less water, reducing your total water bill. Each year, you can save $275 on water, $50 on fertilizer, and $50 on pesticides and weed control.

Growing native plants in your yard not only helps your wallet but also helps the environment. Native plants, such as clover and buffalo grass, attract key pollinators. The more butterflies and bees visit your garden, the more your plants will grow. 

Native plants also require less consistent lawn maintenance. Unlike grass lawns, native plants don't need to be mowed by gas-powered lawn mowers. Reducing your use of gas-powered lawn equipment helps decrease the amount of harmful pollutants that end up in the atmosphere. 

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Redditors were impressed by the outcome of the native plant lawns.

"Looks fantastic! Great job!" wrote one user.

"You're doing an amazing job! All landscapers should learn from you!" responded another Redditor. "Increasing native biodiversity like this is fantastic. I wish more folks incorporated these plants."

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