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Expert gardener shares 'beautiful' tip to keep your soil moist: 'This woman is going to change my life'

"I use this for both my outdoor plants and bonsai."

"I use this for both my outdoor plants and bonsai."

Photo Credit: TikTok

One plant expert with nearly a million followers on TikTok and loads of advice has shared yet another great tip for gardens. By using moss growing naturally around her space, she helps keep her plants nice and moist. 

The scoop

TikToker Mama Judy (@judybaogarden) shares helpful tips and incredible inspiration about her garden and life. Most of the content is filmed and narrated by her son, though he is rarely seen on screen. 

In a video from January, Mama Judy shows viewers how she uses moss in her potted plants. 


Using moss to keep the soil moist for our growing plants! What's your preferred method of keeping your soil moist?

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The video starts showing a lovely moss-covered pot with Mama Judy being asked why she uses moss in her plants. She responds, "keeps the moisture." 

The video goes on to show how the TikToker gets the moss from around her garden. She simply scrapes up moss from around her garden and property and places it, covering the soil in her potted plants. 

"Yeah, all natural, see?" she says. "And they look beautiful."

How it's helping

Including moss in your planters may be a way to cut back on watering your plants.

According to Kew Gardens, "Mosses function like sponges, using their capillary spaces to hang on to water. They stabilise the soil surface and retain water, helping new plants to grow." 

While you may not have access to the massive garden Mama Judy has, alternatives include planting inside, in a window box, or as a member of a community garden as a great way to get in touch with nature. 

Several studies show that plants and gardening have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Plus, if you decide to grow your own food, you may be able to save money on groceries. If you don't have access to outdoor space, there are several foods you can grow inside, like lettuce and green onions. 

Many fresh items at grocery stores, like fruit and veggies, have traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles. According to a 2022 study, the impact of food transportation is larger than previously thought. 

A Popular Science article stated, "Taking the entirety of the food supply chain into account, global food miles add up to around 3 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, which stands around 3.5 to 7.5 times higher than previous estimates." 

Making sustainable choices is something we can all do to help the planet. Growing food at home, shopping at your local farmers market, and trying to eat vegetarian once a week are some ways to reduce your impact. 

What everyone's saying

Mama Judy's followers seem to love her. 

One commenter wrote, "Your mom could literally teach a university level course about living sustainably. Amazing."

Another person chimed in, "I feel like this woman is going to change my life."

In a helpful add-on, one TikToker wrote, "I use this for both my outdoor plants and bonsai. And to prevent fungal gnats I water from the bottom and just mist the moss."

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