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Mom reveals 'smart' gardening hack to help your trees produce more fruit: 'It feels wrong to do it'

"She is a goddess."

Gardening hack to help lime trees produce more fruit

Photo Credit: @judybaogarden / TikTok

A TikTok video shows a mom explaining a simple way to get your lime tree to produce more fruit, and it doesn't require any tools, only hands. 

The video, posted by Mama Judy (@judybaogarden), has garnered more than 1,400 likes.  

"If you want like this you have to cut the leaves off like this," Mama Judy says, gesturing to ripe limes.

@judybaogarden Here's one way mom helps her lime trees produce fruits! 🍋 #lime #protip #gardening #urbangardening #fyp ♬ original sound - JudyBaoGarden

The scoop

The video starts with Mama Judy gently removing the leaves off the stems while explaining how in only a few months, these plants will grow flowers and limes. 

This process apparently speeds up the process of growing limes. 

How it's helping

Having a garden that grows food efficiently has numerous benefits. For one, growing your own produce can save you lots of money in the long run, plus several trips to the market. 

But the benefits can go far beyond the garden. 

Gardening as a means of sustenance can prevent the need for plastic, considering that store-bought fruits and vegetables usually come encased in this material. 

In the U.S., around 40 million tons of plastic are produced each year, but only about 5% actually gets recycled

Plastic consumption can lead to its eventual presence in our oceans, where it can last for centuries, causing serious harm to aquatic life and posing a potential threat of water contamination, including our drinking water.

Also, store-bought produce that is canned or wrapped in plastic can have harmful contaminants leaching into our food. 

Having a diversity of plants is also extremely beneficial for biodiversity and soil health and also helps remove harmful pollutants from our atmosphere and provides us with healthy, plastic-free food.   

What's everyone saying?

Commenters shared everything from praise to slight hesitancy.

"Noooo I can't do it. It breaks my heart to pluck the leaves. It feels wrong to do it. I can't even prune my tree because I'm scared," one person wrote. 

"She is a goddess, so smart," another added. 

Another asked an interesting question: "Does this work on a lemon tree?"

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