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Gardener shares the easiest way to grow plants inside a small home or apartment: 'This was one day of growth'

"Light requirements depend on plant type."

Gardening indoors

Photo Credit: @gardeningindoors / TikTok

Get your salad bowls ready. A viral video from Gardening Indoors (@gardeningindoors) to her 400,000-plus TikTok followers shows off a range of vegetables that can grow in small indoor spaces for healthy and delicious eating.

In her clip, the TikToker shows radishes pulled from a pot, the growth of green onions in just one day, and shows off some pepper plants noting that some will stay relatively small — under three feet — and can produce peppers even at a small size.

The video also shows nutrient-rich microgreens and jar sprouts, both of which are easy to grow and full of tasty benefits. 

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"This was one day of growth," the TikToker adds, describing the green onions.

By growing your own food indoors, you can reduce your food miles, cutting down on carbon pollution generated during transport. That's a big deal, considering transportation is responsible for about 20% of global carbon pollution.

Plants are natural air filters, and growing any plants indoors helps to improve air quality. That's especially important because, according to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. 

Fresher food is also more nutritious — foods begin to lose nutrients within 24 hours of being picked. Plus, there are a few things more satisfying than biting into the literal fruits of your own labor.

TikTokers had a lot of questions and comments. One user asks about how to grow the radishes from seeds.

"Seed packets usually list a planting depth so plant the seeds following that," Gardening Indoors answers. "Pot size will depend on how big the radishes you choose get."

A few TikTokers had questions about light — either direct sunlight or using artificial lights. 

"Light requirements depend on plant type," Gardening Indoors writes in response. "Most food plants will need some light each day. I'd just search how many [hours] per day for the plant type."

A few TikTokers ask about bugs. Gardening Indoors offers one solution to fungus gnats: "I keep my soil covered with gravel so they can't get in there and lay eggs." 

Another TikToker just had praise. "The lettuce is so pretty OMG," they write.

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