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Lucky shopper discovers 'unbelievable' $1,200 designer jacket for a fraction of the cost: 'It's a lifetime coat'

"That Vince jacket is insane."

Calvin Klein and Vince jackets

Photo Credit: u/StephenP_RRT/ Reddit

One Redditor just scored big — finding two leather coats from high-fashion brands for just $20 each. 

The post is almost too good to be true. The jackets are from Calvin Klein, where jackets can sell for over $100, and Vince, where they can sell for over $1,200. 

This Redditor isn't the only person to find deals like that at a thrift store. One shopper found a few pairs of popular, expensive sneakers for a bargain, another found a $1,700 jacket for under $20, and this shopper snagged a vintage dress valued up to $10,000 for just $12. 

Not every thrift store visit will result in finding thousand-dollar items, but it's still a great way to save money. Thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year on average. It can also be fun to shop for vintage or unique items, and sometimes you can find clothes that have been customized by their previous owners. 

On top of that, thrifting is great for the environment. In the U.S., textiles are the number one source of waste, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

What's worse is that only 13% of all clothing and footwear is recycled. This is for a variety of reasons, one being that clothing is made up of a blend of materials, and not all of them are recyclable. 

Sorting through to find the materials that are recyclable is difficult, and once they're separated, other elements like buttons and zippers have to be removed, too.

The clothing that doesn't get recycled ends up in landfills, where it decomposes slowly and releases planet-warming gases. 

This makes thrifting a wonderful option for any shopper. It allows you to find clothing for less than what they would sell for in a store, and it keeps clothing that is no longer wanted out of landfills. 

Commenters on the post were blown away.

"That Vince jacket is INSANE. Unbelievable. I had it retailed for over $1,000, easy," said one. 

Others had similar reactions, writing, "What steals" and "It's a lifetime coat for sure!"

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