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Top composters to turn food waste into gardening gold

Reduce your food waste and give your plants a boost with composting.

Compost composters for recycle and reuse of kitchen and yard waste

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Composting is definitely not (ahem) a waste. All jokes aside, composting is one of the simplest ways to reduce your waste footprint, to the tune of about 50% less trash. It's an easy way to recycle and reuse kitchen and yard waste, plus the resulting compost is fantastic for your plants, lawn, and more. 

We're in a new world of accessibility, ease of use, and affordability when it comes to composters, and our go-to picks will set you up for success no matter what type of setup you're looking for. 

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Lomi Kitchen Composter

Why It's Cool
Like push-button sorcery, this sleekly-designed composter turns your scraps into soil in a snap. 


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Sleekly-designed Lomi Kitchen Composter

OXO Countertop Composter

Why It's Cool
Perfect for the countertop, it's affordable and well-designed, plus the easy-carry handle makes transportation a breeze.


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OXO Countertop perfect for the countertop

Vivosun Outdoor Tumbler

Why It's Cool
Our go-to outdoor unit has secure, roomy dual chambers and is perfect for larger families with outdoor space.


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Vivosun Outdoor Tumbler composters

VermiHut Plus 5-Tray

Why It's Cool
The gardener's MVP: This outdoor worm-based wonder creates amazing compost for your plants.


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Dark Green VermiHut Plus 5-Tray worm bin

SCD All Seasons Indoor

Why It's Cool
Our favorite Bokashi composter gives you extra versatility in a small, indoor package.


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SCD All Seasons Indoor composters kit

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