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Mom shares genius wine hack that will save you from wasting an opened bottle: 'Hear me out...'

It is really that simple.

It is really that simple.

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Leftover wine may sound like a myth to some of us. But if you find yourself with a little merlot in the bottom of the bottle that you don't know what to do with, TikToker Ramoma Cruz-Peters (@fabeveryday) has a super simple hack to ensure it doesn't go to waste.

The scoop

Wine is a pretty common addition to those winter weather stews and sauces on our cooktops. But buying a bottle of wine can be a major waste when only a splash is needed. Luckily, Ramona shared a super simple way to eliminate waste and make that next splash of wine you need for a recipe even easier.  

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"Hear me out – if you have an awkward amount left over in a bottle of wine, freeze it in ice cube trays," she explains. "You can use the frozen wine cubes to add extra flavor to sauces and stews."

It is really that simple. 

How it's helping

First off, hacks like this one can seriously cut down on your grocery bill. Buying a bottle of wine each time you need half a cup for a recipe isn't exactly budget-friendly.

But little changes like this that help cut down on your food waste can have serious impacts on the environment, especially if we all do them. Between 30-40% of all food is thrown away in the U.S. each year. And when we're throwing away food we could be saving and then going back out and buying more the next time we need it, it helps contribute to the planet-warming pollution associated with transporting goods. 

And wine is just the beginning. The internet is full of clever ways to cut down your grocery bill while cutting down food waste. From freezing your produce, to storage tricks, to using up all the scraps — there are several ways to get more bang for your buck in the kitchen. 

Ramona herself even has a whole blog post dedicated to other things you can put in ice cube trays

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