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TikToker reveals hack for using celery to make bread last longer: 'We are forever throwing out bread'

"It does not dry and does not mold for two to three weeks."

Bread last longer

Going zero waste in the kitchen is a worthy goal that can save you money, cut down on your trips to the grocery store, and help our planet. But it's often easier said than done, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables, which frequently seem to go bad the moment you look away from them for one second.

However, if using all your fruits and veggies before they go bad is something you struggle with, you're in luck. Content creator Katya Mackle (@katya.mackle) posted a viral TikTok in which she outlines the steps she takes to prevent her produce from spoiling.

@katya.mackle Reply to @bethann_louise here are some food preservation tips 🫶🏼 #zerowaste #reducewaste #foodstorage #fridgeorganization #foodpreservation ♬ Home - Edith Whiskers

Mackle's tips range from ones you might have heard before (though it doesn't hurt to be reminded) such as: "wash your berries in water mixed with apple cider vinegar" and "store greens and carrots in water," (make sure to change the water daily, however, to prevent the risk of salmonella) to some more original ones.

"In order to make the bread last longer, I use celery," she says in the clip. By placing a few stalks of celery in the bag with the bread, it "does not dry and does not mold for two to three weeks."

Mackle also recommends wrapping banana tails in foil to keep them fresh for longer.

Worldwide, 1.4 million tons of food is wasted per year. The United States alone accounts for 40 million tons of that number — in other words, 30-40% of the entire U.S. food supply ends up sitting in a landfill, where it releases methane gas that directly contributes to the overheating of our planet. 

The commenters on Mackle's post were eager to try out her tips. "Definitely going to try the banana thing," wrote one. "Mine are always going ripe so fast."

"The bread one I might pinch," wrote another. "We are forever throwing out bread."

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