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Instagrammer shares incredible hack for saving money on soup broth: 'It's become a weekly ritual in my house'

"Stop throwing out your veggie scraps!"

making cheap veggie broth

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Soup season is upon us, which means it's time to find a delicious broth to use as a base. Thankfully, one Instagram user has got us covered with a simple veggie broth recipe that saves money and prevents waste.

Instagram user Carleigh Bodrug (@plantyou) shared her easy, efficient recipe for veggie broth in a recent video.

"Stop throwing out your veggie scraps!" Bodrug says in the video.

The recipe is simple. Whenever you want to throw away parts of vegetables when you're preparing other food — say, onion skins, broccoli stems, or carrot peels — put them in a container and freeze them instead of throwing them away. This way, you're reducing the amount of waste you create, lowering your contribution to the landfills that pollute our planet.

Once you've amassed a sizable enough container of veggie scraps, simmer them in water for a few hours, adding whatever spices you see fit. 

The final step is easy, too. 

"Drain and compost those scraps, and you'll have an amazing, healthy broth, perfect for soups and sipping," Bodrug says.

Instagram users expressed their excitement in the comment section of the post.

"I keep my veggie scrap bag in the freezer to gather bits (onion skins and carrot tops are the best) until I'm ready to make broth. Then broth gets frozen in measured amounts so ready for recipes 🙌," one user comments.

"Loved this one- it's become a weekly ritual in my house!" another user writes.

"Just did my second batch in tow on the crockpot last night. Gonna hook up some chicken soup this week," a third user comments.

By making your own broth, you can reuse food items that would otherwise go to waste — and since you're not buying broth at a store, you avoid using disposable packaging and save money on groceries.

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