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Tenant floored by landlord's absurd solution to their apartment's carbon monoxide leak: 'Definitely not legal'

"The fire chief also came by…"

“The fire chief also came by..."

Photo Credit: u/darbooka/ Reddit

One shocked Redditor returned to their rented home to find a horrible surprise in their living room: a huge, noisy furnace where they once had a leaky gas fireplace.

The post on r/mildlyinfuriating briefly became the top post on Reddit, where stories of run-ins with landlords and HOAs are popular. Environmentally-conscious homeowners have had to fight to keep gardens and install solar panels, and many turn to the site's users for advice.

The poster showcases a photo of the ugly and poorly-installed furnace, with the explanation, "I told our landlord to replace our gas fireplace because it was leaking carbon monoxide, came back to this monstrosity in our living room." 

"The problem with the fireplace was that the chimney was going horizontal," the original poster explains in the comments, "which meant that anytime there was a strong breeze [fumes] would blow back in. This is still venting horizontally … Just had one of my buddies over who does HVAC, and he said it's safe to run, but definitely not legal."

Even when gas-burning appliances are installed correctly, they can be a health hazard because they cause asthma and other serious health conditions. But residents who want to get rid of their gas often face opposition from landlords, HOAs, and building co-ops. Even simple repairs can lead to a fight, as this Redditor is discovering.

Commenters sympathize with the original poster. One user jokes, "Now complain about a leaky faucet and update us with the new town square fountain." 

Others offer more practical advice. "Landlord has to fix it, move it, whatever. If they don't, it's actionable in court." 

When another user challenges this by pointing out court costs, a third Redditor says, "Looking at their post history, they are Canadian. They can take this to tribunal," referring to the special legal tribunal Canada has specifically for disputes between landlords and tenants. 

Thankfully, this story ends on a hopeful note, with the original poster seeking help from local regulators. 

"The fire chief also came by and said … he's putting a call into the company that installed it and the town inspection guy tomorrow, and if they determine it's not safe, then they'll red tag it and make sure it's safe before it's able to run again."

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