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Homeowner gets lawn violation after failing to meet HOA's unrealistic standards: 'We are doing everything we can'

Millions of Americans waste billions of gallons of water on their lawns to keep them green.

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A Florida homeowner found themselves in a heated dispute with their homeowners association (HOA) over a lawn violation. Despite the homeowner's best efforts, relentless heat and lack of rain have taken a toll on their once-lush lawn, breaking their HOA's guidelines. 

In a popular Reddit post, the homeowner shared their frustrating experience. They explain that their front lawn, which was replaced two years ago, has struggled to thrive due to scorching temperatures and limited rainfall.

Although the Redditor has diligently mowed, weeded, and watered their lawn, their efforts have not been enough to prevent brown patches and the ire of their HOA.

Municipalities across Florida have banned fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus during the state's rainy season to prevent chemical runoff, which can contaminate local water supplies. This homeowner says they followed these guidelines in refusing to use toxic fertilizers that could improve their lawn but would endanger their community.

The Redditor wrote back to the HOA, outlining the steps they have taken while keeping in line with government regulations, but remained worried they could not satisfy the association's unrealistic expectations. 

"I believe we are doing everything we can within the law. But given the weather, it's been a struggle," the Redditor wrote. 

Unattainable expectations for homeowners set by HOAs are not only stressful for residents, but they can also impact the environment. 

Keeping grass green requires excessive watering, mowing, fertilizers, and pesticides. This maintenance routine can cost a ton of money, strain local water resources, and contribute to pollution. 

While regions across the U.S. struggle with heat waves and drought, millions of Americans waste billions of gallons of water on their lawns to keep them green. The EPA estimates that nearly one-third of all residential water use is squandered on landscape irrigation, amounting to almost 9 billion gallons every day.

Maintenance tools like fertilizers and lawnmowers take a toll, too. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides endanger already strained water sources and marine life. Plus, gas-powered lawn equipment like lawnmowers and leaf blowers create harmful pollution that can hurt your lungs.

Natural lawns, on the other hand, require far less water, mowing, and general upkeep. They're also better for the environment and can save you a fortune on yard care. 

Fellow Redditors offered advice in the comment section and were surprised by the HOA's demands. 

"You should look into the Florida Friendly landscaping laws," one Redditor suggested. "Their whole point was to make sure homeowners can adopt practices that require them to water less."

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