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'Petty' landlord refuses to let tenant water their plants: 'Any judge would laugh that landlord out of court'

"What's he gonna do?"

Landlord refuses to let tenant water their plants

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One tenant who was just trying to water their garden claims their landlord has gone so far as to block access to an outside tap.

The complaint was posted on r/LandlordLove, an ironically named subreddit for tenants to vent about their landlords. Many Redditors have written about their problems with landlords who refuse to repair appliances or make ridiculous alterations to their homes. One user wrote about a landlord who expected them to overwater their grass and drive up their water bill in the midst of a drought.

Another Redditor said they have the opposite problem. Apparently, they've had a longstanding disagreement with their landlord about watering their garden with the outdoor faucet. They came outside to find the spigot covered in ragged plastic and tape, with a note taped above it saying, "Do not use for plants." The post includes a photo of the covered faucet and the obnoxious orange sign.

Photo Credit: u/madman15 / Reddit

According to the poster, it's not about money. "I offered to pay for my share of water usage and she refused," the user wrote. In a comment, they clarified, "The original lease said I contributed $50 a month in utilities that, surprisingly, are unspecified. She later told me I don't pay for utilities." One commenter concluded, "Petty, infantile landlords strike again."

"Just use it," another commenter suggested. "What's he gonna do?" 

When the original poster worried that the landlord may evict them, the same commenter replied, "Any judge would laugh that landlord out of court … Unless it states in your lease that this spigot isn't working/available for use, then it should be used."

Other commenters offered more creative solutions. "Run a hose out from the kitchen, or fill a bucket up if you can't get a hose," suggested one user. Several other Redditors echoed the idea.

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