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Lucky shopper stumbles upon working Apple device for only $10 at thrift store: 'How is that even possible?'

"This is what I call a redemption arc."

"This is what I call a redemption arc."

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While it's common to find bargains at a thrift store, one Redditor hit the jackpot with this incredible find: a fully functioning iMac for only $10.

This post from late August seems set to join the legends of r/ThriftStoreHauls, a subreddit where members show off their secondhand treasures. Occasionally, users turn up with incredible high-end brands and luxury goods, like Gucci wallpaper or a $300 candle.

In this case, the prize for time spent in the thrift store was an entire computer, according to this Redditor. "A $10 iMac … that works!" they said, sharing a photo of the computer's screen with a browser open on the desktop.

Photo Credit: u/TheOnlyShyG / Reddit

"How … is that even possible?" demanded one jealous Redditor.

"Must've thought it was just a monitor?" another user suggested.

"Even so … for 10 bucks, that's a steal," the first commenter replied.

According to a comment from the original poster, the item was sold as-is, so there was no guarantee that it would work. In fact, they even said that they had bought another iMac a month earlier that turned out to be broken beyond repair. 

However, this time, they got lucky. "This is what I call a redemption arc," they added

"It can't install the LATEST Mac OS version, but through some third party software you can get higher versions on here," they said. "This one specifically is running High Sierra."

Reusing older equipment like this has several benefits. For the buyer, it's an amazing way to save money. For sellers or donors, it eliminates the hassle of finding a facility that can accept electronic waste.

Secondhand sales even benefit the environment by keeping polluting electronic components out of landfills and reducing the need to manufacture more computers.

Some commenters were amused at the files visible on the device's desktop. "I can't believe they didn't reset the comp first," said one user.

"We factory reseted the device after we brought it home," the original poster assured. "No private info here!"

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