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Thrifter shares jaw-dropping photo of the $1,900 Gucci wallpaper they found for $45: 'It's crazy expensive'

"Our powder room is getting an upgrade."

Our powder room is getting an upgrade.

Photo Credit: u/damestillmen / Reddit

While you might not expect Gucci at a thrift store, that's exactly what one lucky Redditor found: an untouched roll of luxury wallpaper for less than a fifth of the retail price.

Many homeowners who want to save on decor and renovations turn to secondhand stores for their purchases. Forums like r/ThriftStoreHauls encourage users to show off their best finds and share tips with other shoppers. 

This subreddit is full of stories from users who found incredible deals, even scoring luxury and designer brands for just a few dollars each. One Redditor spent only $4 to bring home not one but two Le Creuset dishes; another outfitted an entire room with incredible thrifted furniture, including a collection of gorgeous multisided mirrors.

The latest once-in-a-lifetime find was a bold printed wallpaper still in its Gucci box. While Gucci is better known for fashion, its website also boasts designer wallpaper patterns — some of which cost up to $1,900 per package. 

This Redditor's wallpaper is the Tiger Face print, which is more affordable at a mere $230. The OP revealed in an earlier post that they got it for $45. "Our powder room is getting an upgrade," they say, and followed up with the latest post showing a photo of the finished wall.

Thrifting is an affordable way to furnish a home or flesh out a wardrobe. It's also an opportunity to enjoy quality goods that are out of reach for many buyers when new. 

Aside from saving money, it's also good for the environment. It keeps secondhand items from taking up space in landfills. 

And for those who need to clear out storage space, donating items to a thrift store can actually be the cheapest way to get rid of them, making it a win for the original owner as well.

Other Redditors were envious of the find. 

"What does it feel like to be god's favorite?" asks one, while another says, "I'm imagining the epic feline battle that happens when the lights go out and I am HERE FOR IT."

"It's crazy expensive," another commenter says of the original price. "Like Marie Antoinette level expensive."

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