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Frustrated gardener catches stealthy flower thief on camera making an escape: 'I still do have a love/hate relationship with them'

"He has a date…..had to get her some flowers…."

“He has a date.....had to get her some flowers...."

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Everybody's got to eat — including the pesky wildlife in your yard. A Redditor shows how their beautiful sunflower plants were the main course for one hungry squirrel. 

A Redditor shared a video of the squirrel eating the sunflower head on the r/gardening forum. The animal made quick work of the sunflower head and ran off with it when the Redditor got closer. 

This user isn't the only person who has had their garden attacked by hungry creatures. Another user recently shared a video of a squirrel eating their beloved jalapeno plants on the forum. 

Gardening can be a hobby with physical and emotional benefits. One study showed that gardening increases the amount of fiber you consume and provides a mentally decompressing form of exercise. Unless part of your stress comes from fighting a losing battle with hungry critters, that is.

Users can take many steps to protect their plants from conniving animals like these squirrels. One TikTok user shared that planting forks in a garden with the prongs facing upward can prevent animals like squirrels and birds from getting into your small plants. Another recommended spraying a hot sauce spray on the leaves and fruits to ward off squirrels. 

The original poster suggested that the squirrel's attack was premeditated. "I used to feed [the squirrels] with a special feeder and enjoy watching them come eat. Then one day I didn't put their food out and they attacked my garden," they reported. "I saw their dark side, little vermin. I still do have a love/hate relationship with them."

Other users postulated about the squirrel's motives. "He has a date.....had to get her some flowers....lol," one user joked. It's clear this squirrel would do a lot for love — or an empty stomach.

Thief Caught On Camera
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