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Farmer shares 'mega easy' trick for keeping pesky squirrels out of your yard: '[They'll] run for the hills'

The benefits of homemade solutions to keeping animals away from your garden go beyond just saving money.

Keep squirrels out of the garden

Photo Credit: @needmorefarms / Instagram

A farmer is showing the world an easy way to keep squirrels out of the garden.

The only two ingredients needed are a spray bottle of water and some hot sauce that is subsequently applied to the plants that the squirrels frequently feast upon. 

The scoop 

The Reel can be found on the Instagram channel Needmore Farms (@needmorefarms), which has 27,600 followers and is also a company that sells home goods, plants, and produce.   

"Here's a simple hack for you. I mean it is mega easy," the narrator tells us. 

The video begins with the narrator pouring a little bit of hot sauce into the plastic spray container. 

"Depending on how much water you have is how much hot sauce you use," she tells us. 

She adds that another alternative is to plant really hot peppers in your garden. 

"They'll nibble on that and run for the hills," she adds.

How it's helping

The benefits of homemade solutions to keeping animals away from your garden go beyond just saving money

Insecticides can be quite harmful to the environment since the chemicals often seep through the soil and can end up poisoning groundwater

There have also been many cases of large-scale pesticide use contaminating rivers and lakes.

The insecticides bought at the store usually come in plastic containers, and we know plastic can be extremely damaging to the environment.

What everyone's saying

One person asked if the solution would work on slugs. 

The Instagrammer from Needmore Farms answered: "beer works for slugs!" 

Another viewer asked if you can "spray that directly in the soil of your flower pots? The squirrels love to dig in my flower pots." 

"Yes you can!" the Instagrammer answered.

"Would it work for bunnies too?" another asked. "They're destroying my hostas!" The narrator suggested they try it.

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