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Thrifty shopper snags two pairs of brand-new Hoka shoes for a ridiculously cheap price: 'I would squeal like a little kid'

"These were for sure brand new, you could tell from the soles."

Hoka shoes for a ridiculously cheap price

Photo Credit: u/dlalz/ Reddit

A Reddit user shared their exciting thrift store find: two pairs of brand-new athletic shoes that ordinarily cost hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the price.

In a recent post on the ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user posted a picture of the two brand-new pairs of Hoka athletic shoes from their local thrift store.

"White whale finds today — one pair for me, one for a friend :)," the user wrote in the post's caption.

In a follow-up comment, the user stated that they bought the pairs for incredibly cheap; one pair cost $20 and the other was only $19.

"These were for sure brand new, you could tell from the soles. No idea where this store gets their stuff but it's a lot of brand-new stuff … I'm not gonna ask any questions lol," they explained in a comment.

The shoes in question are both Hoka, a brand popular with runners, medical personnel, and other on-the-move service workers who have to stand and work on their feet for long shifts — and each pair ordinarily costs at least $140, according to the company's website.

By buying used (or, in this unusual case, new) goods from thrift shops and secondhand stores, you can save a ton of money and help the environment. Buying and donating previously owned products gives them a second life. It ensures that they're used for as long as they can serve their function rather than rotting in landfills, where they pollute our environment and contribute to the dangerous overheating of our planet.

Other Reddit users shared their excitement about the poster's incredible find in the comment section.

"Great find! I'm a RN and wear leather Hokas to work. They're great for running during a 12+ hour shift!" one user wrote.

"I would squeal like a little kid. LOVE my Hokas," another user said.

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