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Thrifter can't believe their luck after a $7.99 discovery at Goodwill: 'It finally happened to me'

"Those are freaking fabulous!"

Dr. Martens shoes for just $7.99

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Some thrifters just have all the luck. And one Redditor recently struck gold when they snagged a pair of hardly used Dr. Martens for just $7.99. 

The thrifter recently took to Reddit to show off the awesome find. 

"It finally happened," they wrote. "$7.99 Dr. Martens in my size at Goodwill."

Photo Credit: u/freyalorelei / Reddit

Even if you're not super savvy about footwear, you've probably heard of Dr. Martens. They're touted as high-quality, long-lasting shoes that regularly sell for about $180. That's a ton of savings!  

This lucky Redditor isn't the only one scoring big while thrifting. The shopping technique has hit new popularity recently with TikTokers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers touting their finds. Thrifting is gaining popularity as it's cheaper and more sustainable than fast fashion

If you haven't tried it yet, thrifting can save you major money. From $1,500 jackets for just $45 to a $300 KitchenAid mixer for $15, there are plenty of deals to be found. In fact, thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year on average!

If that isn't convincing enough, thrifting also helps our planet. Upcycling clothing and furniture helps curb the amount of new products created. In a world where 100 billion new garments are created each year, it's pretty important. In fact, the fashion industry alone makes up between 2% to 8% of all carbon pollution. 

But it's not just that we're producing a ton of textile waste. We're also not using the new clothing we buy as much. The number of times an article of clothing gets worn has declined by 36% in the past 15 years. 

Put all of this together and it means that there are literal tons of hardly used clothing items out there just waiting to be thrifted. 

Commenters loved the awesome Dr. Marten find. 

"That's amazing," one person wrote. "Shoes are something I haven't had luck with so far at my local thrift stores. These shoes just called me uncool, as if I didn't know!"

"Those are freaking fabulous!" another said. "Love these for you!!! I'd snatch those up too."

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