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After recent floods, one HOA board member calls out shady dealings: 'Something doesn't smell right'

"If I have to fight this alone….I will."

"If I have to fight this alone....I will."

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One homeowners' association board member noticed things weren't adding up after recent floods in New York displaced residents, highlighting that some HOA leaders truly want to help despite their bad rap

"I think there is something very suspicious going on with a recent insurance claim," the Redditor wrote in the subreddit r/f***HOA, noting that the head of the board instructed others not to share important documents with them after they communicated their concerns.

Insurance rates in the U.S. have been skyrocketing in areas vulnerable to natural disasters like floods, which have become more frequent and severe because of rising global temperatures linked to heat-trapping pollution. Plastic waste has even exacerbated the issue. 

Yet the HOA handled extensive costs in a way that raised suspicions the funds may not be going toward the benefit of the community.  

"I've asked where the insurance deductible is and how that was paid," the OP said. "... Sometimes management said the documents don't exist. Sometimes they just ignore me."

"My good guess is they are bilking money," another person said

More than 70 million people in the U.S. are part of an HOA, which is tasked with not only enforcing rules but also maintaining property values. 

A number of homeowners have encountered frustrating regulatory red tape, however, and have been unable to make money-saving, pollution-reducing adjustments to their yards or houses.

Some have solved their problems by working with their HOAs or fighting game-changing battles, with one couple's case in Maryland leading to the protection of low-maintenance native plants — and thus the pollinators they benefit.   

It's unclear from this post whether the residents impacted by the flooding are being harmed further by the apparently shady dealings, but it seems like this board member would act in good faith if someone came to them with an issue.  

"Something doesn't smell right. Fraud is very serious, and if you got documents, inquire with the attorney about a whistleblower complaint," one commenter wrote. "You and the co-op will have a long road ahead. Good luck."

"I'm really trying here, and if I have to fight this alone....I will," the OP added.

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