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Homeowners share 'strikingly beautiful' before-and-after photos following a full-on yard makeover: 'That was a surprise'

"Will look even better when those bushes get bigger."

Grassless lawn transformation

Photo Credit: u/ClearLettuce / Reddit

Who doesn't want their front lawn to be the envy of all the neighbors? One Redditor recently shared a stunning before-and-after showing how they turned a worn-down traditional lawn into a landscape of native plants

Originally posted to the subreddit r/nolawns, the Reddit user shared a before picture of their front yard that showed a house and fence both in need of some paint and a rather uninspired front lawn of traditional grass. 

In the "after," not only does the house have a fresh coat of paint and a beautiful new partial fence — there's no grass to be seen. Instead, the yard is a newly planted landscape of native plants and the homeowner's personal favorites. 

"After spending the last year and a half on the house, we finally got to work on the front yard," the post explains. "Mix of natives, pollinator-friendly, and personal favorite plants."

As the subreddit implies, the post is a great example of the new trend of grassless lawns. The new look for lawns not only saves on water and maintenance bills, but also helps fight against droughts and encourages biodiversity. 

Grassless lawn transformation
Photo Credit: u/ClearLettuce / Reddit

It's no secret that grass lawns like to suck up water. In drier, hotter regions, grass can require up to half a gallon of water or more per square foot. If you're watering your lawn multiple times a week, you could be adding hundreds of dollars worth of water to your bill annually. Local governments are realizing the benefits as well and may be willing to provide rebates for replacing your lawn with drought-resistant alternatives.

These alternative lawns also don't require a lawn mower, cutting down on carbon pollution. Did you know that (according to the Portland Press Herald) gas-powered lawn mowers can generate as much pollution as cars?

Redditors loved the transformation, and many were eager to see the yard once the newly planted flora fills in. 

"Wow! That was a surprise. I love it!" one said.

"New yard already looks good but will look even better when those bushes get bigger," another noted

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