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Proud grandchild shares stunning pictures of their grandparents' lush backyard: 'Their garden never fails to impress me'

Embracing a more natural lawn is gaining popularity in the U.S.

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A Redditor put their grandparents' totally natural garden on display for the world to see. 

The pictures were posted in a Reddit community dedicated to ending the reign of monoculture lawns and ushering in an era of biodiverse lawns. 

"Just been to see the ol' codgers and their garden never fails to impress me after all these years," the Redditor wrote.

Natural garden
Photo Credit: u/Mardubouch / Reddit

The four pictures show an array of diverse plants in a residential area, along with a very small plot of what appears to be traditional grass surrounded by many plants, like a little jungle behind someone's home. 

Although many people prefer traditional grass lawns for their homes, opting for a more wild landscape has more benefits than you may think.  

Embracing a more natural lawn is gaining popularity in the U.S. Meanwhile, the conservation charity Plantlife is promoting a monthlong initiative that encourages homeowners in the U.K. to abstain from using lawn mowers and let wildflowers thrive instead. 

Plantlife has also been urging people to participate in their No Mow May project by observing and documenting the blossoming flowers, as reported by the BBC in 2022.

One of the problems with traditional lawns is that they require so much water. 

In the U.S., for example, maintaining a lush green grass lawn would consume approximately 200 gallons of drinking water per person daily. 

Then there's the issue of fertilizers and pesticides, of which regular grass lawns need a lot, and are made up of toxic chemicals that can end up in our water supplies and affect our health

Another major benefit that goes beyond our property is the fact that gardens like the one in the post help remove planet-warming pollutants from the atmosphere and are much more effective at doing so than grass.

If you are interested in turning your traditional lawn into something more natural, companies like Yardzen can help rewild your property. 

"It's beautiful," one commenter expressed.

"Gorgeous!" another wrote.   

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