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Shopper confused over inexplicable online advertisement for bizarre product: 'I…wouldn't pay $160 for it'

Many people were not fooled by the advertising.

Many people were not fooled by the advertising.

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Have you ever been scrolling through social media or online shopping and saw something that made you say, "That's cool I guess, but who would spend money on it?" 

That's precisely what happened to one Redditor when they came across a gold-painted shovel from the trendy store, Anthropologie. 

The post was shared on the subreddit r/Anticonsumption and showed a screenshot of an Instagram ad, calling the item a "must have" and encouraging users not to "miss out." 

Many Redditors weren't fooled by the advertising though. 

"It's painted gold. I still wouldn't pay $160 for it," wrote one user. 

Some comments on the post suggested that the decorative shovel could be used for photo ops at ground-breaking ceremonies or by your average gardener who enjoys the aesthetic. 

However, even if you're invested in aesthetically pleasing garden supplies, this shovel currently sells for over $140, and you could just as easily paint the shovel you already have with non-toxic paint. 

Plus, the original poster mentioned, "A regular shovel will still make for a good picture." 

The excessive gardening tool also provides a look into the larger issue of overconsumption. According to the Guardian, "The U.S. population is 60% larger than it was in 1970, but consumer spending is up 400%." 

This is obvious in almost every corner of society — from celebrities' closets to everyday citizens building large collections for fun. 

Products like this golden shovel only add to the issue, encouraging consumers to buy items that they don't need for excessive amounts of money. 

The trend puts a dent in your wallet and doesn't do anything to help the environment either — adding to the rapidly growing landfills around the world. 

This isn't to say that you can't prematurely replace clothing or other objects if you find something that you're particularly in love with (gardeners looking for aesthetically pleasing shovels, we're looking at you). 

However, it's always important to take into account a cost analysis and remember that when you get something new, you can get rid of something old responsibly. These items can be donated or sold at any number of places like thrift stores, Facebook marketplace, and Craigslist. 

Redditors who saw the post, however, couldn't help but laugh at such a dainty item made to dig through dirt. 

"Is this for people who want life to be more like animal crossing?" asked one user, while another wrote, "Minecraft irl." 

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